Omni Products

OmniAI Bot

An Open AI powered telegram & discord bot that will function in a way similar to chatGPT and will be free for all users to access with premium features available to only OMP token holders.

OmniAI App

Our proprietary AI powered super app that would have AI Conversational ability (ChatGPT), Stable Diffusion and Dalle-3 all bundled into an app. OmniAI App will have multiple features like Answering your day to day questions, becoming your life coach and even your fitness planner.

OmniAI Predict

With this predict feature, users can utilize our AI technology to predict future events and even the stock and crypto markets using Artificial intelligence.


Holders of the OMP Token can participate in governance by locking up or staking their tokens and using the Proof of stake to create proposals or vote on proposals that will introduce new features or upgrades to our ecosystem.

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